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Bugfix Release v1.0.3

By on Jun 5, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Minor bugfix release v1.0.3 was rolled out earlier tonight.

This release fixes an issue where the plugin would stop users from adding new widgets. The issue related to the handling of meta data from widgets that were not built using the current (since WordPress vesrsion 2.0.8) documented approach listed in the codex. The documented approach is to extend the WP_Widget class, but widgets that did not do that have a different setup and caused Turbo Widgets some issues.

The fix means that Turbo Widgets no longer breaks. It should be noted that this emergency fix means that widgets no built using the documented approach are not currently listed as available widgets. A new version of Turbo Widgets is currently being developed to support these other widgets, and shall be released to the premium users in the near future.

The fix in v1.0.3 of the PRO version is also available in the free version hosted on the plugin repo also.