The easiest way to add Widgets to your WordPress posts and pages


Add Widgets to WordPress Posts / Pages

Widgets can easily be added to any WordPress post or page content. Just like our old Widgets on Pages plugin, your WordPress posts and/or pages can be enhanced to use the existing functionality of widgets.

Widgets Placed Inline

You can place a widget anywhere you want into your WordPress content. Easily add a search widget, tag cloud or any other widget into your content between paragraphs with ease.

Add any Widget

With Turbo Widgets you can add any existing widget, not just those from the plugin repository, into your site’s content.

Let’s say you really love the Quotes Collection Widget but you don’t want to get your hands dirty with shortcodes, now you can have it on your static WordPress homepage just like this;

[turbo_widget widget-prefix=quotescollection&obj-class=Quotes_Collection_Widget&widget-quotescollection–title=Random+Quote&widget-quotescollection–show_author=true&widget-quotescollection–show_source=false&widget-quotescollection–ajax_refresh=false&widget-quotescollection–random_refresh=true&widget-quotescollection–auto_refresh=true&widget-quotescollection–refresh_interval=5&widget-quotescollection–tags=&widget-quotescollection–char_limit=500]

No Coding Required

WYSIWYG Widget EditingCan’t code? Not to worry, Turbo Widgets adds widgets to your WordPress content with the WYSIWYG editor that comes as standard. This means you get the same administration screens as you would normally see when adding widgets to your standard WordPress sidebars.

This means, as with images, you can drag and drop the widgets around your content to set the order as you like.

With Turbo Widgets Pro you can also edit existing widgets through the same GUI screens… so what are you waiting for, upgrade today.

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Add Sidebars to Posts and Pages

What if you want to use the same widget or set of widgets on multiple pages? Well with Turbo Widgets PRO you also get Turbo Sidebars.

Turbo Widgets Shortcode Support


These are custom content areas that you can add widgets and any other standard WordPress content too, and these content areas (that we call Turbo Sidebars) can be added via shortcodes to your normal content posts or pages.

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Add Sidebars to Themes Easily

Adding sidebars to themes can be a right faff. It’s very common to want to add a sidebars (and their widgets) to header and footer areas, or perhaps you want to always show related posts at the end of every blog post.

Turbo Widgets Template Tag Support

When using Turbo Widgets PRO it is straight forward to copy and paste a Turbo Sidebar template tag to your theme to achieve this placement of widgets into your WordPress theme.

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