The easiest way to add Widgets to your WordPress posts and pages


This is the Turbo Widgets Documentation; guides on how to use Turbo Widgets and Turbo Sidebars on your WordPress site to work for you.

Adding a Widget to a Post / Page

With Turbo Widgets you can add widgets to WordPress posts and pages via the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor that you normally use to author your posts.

This can be done by clicking the Add a Widget button. You are then presented with the familiar interface for customising the widget (title, etc).

Add A Widget Button


Editing a Widget (PRO)

With the PRO version it is possible to modify an already inserted Turbo Widget by double-clicking on the placeholder icon.

WYSIWYG Widget Editing


You will then see the same screen for the widget as you saw when inserting it. Values can be altered and then saved.




Creating a Turbo Sidebar

If you’d like to re-use a widget (with it’s settings) or perhaps re-use a set of widgets then this is all possible by creating a Turbo Sidebar. In fact a Turbo Sidebar can contain normal content too, just like any other WordPress post, so not only can you add Widgets to your content, you can also add standard text, images etc.

Turbo Sidebars can be created and edited via the Appearance -> Turbo Widgets admin menu.

Turbo Sidebar Menu Item

In this next screen you can Add a new widget area (i.e. a Turbo Sidebar), and then populate as you would a standard WordPress post, including adding Widgets.

One thing to note on this page is the Turbo Tags meta box. This contains the shortcode tag and template tag code that can be used to add this Turbo Sidebar to your site. For further information please see the sections below on each method.

Turbo Tags


Using Turbo Widget Shortcodes

To insert one of your Turbo Sidebars (see above) into your post’s or pages’ content then you need to copy the relevant Shortcode Tag from the Turbo Tags meta box, and then paste this into your content where you would the widgets and contents to appear.

Turbo Widgets Shortcode Support


Using Turbo Widget Template Tags

To use your Turbo Sidebars (see above) in your WordPress theme you need to copy the relevant Template Tag from the Turbo Tags meta box, and then paste this into the relevant theme (PHP) file. For example I might have this in my theme’s page.php if I want the widgets and content within the Turbo Sidebar to appear on all my pages, just below the core content of each page.

Turbo Widgets Template Tag Support